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Academic Publications

  1. Shaffery, Peter, Bret D. Elderd, and Vanja Dukic. “A note on species richness and the variance of epidemic severity.” Journal of Mathematical Biology (2020): 1-20. [preprint]

  2. Shaffery, Peter, Rui Yang, and Yingchen Zhang. “Bayesian Structural Time Series for Behind-the-Meter Photovoltaic Disaggregation.” 2020 IEEE Power & Energy Society Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT). IEEE, 2020. [preprint]

  3. Shaffery, Peter, Marcos Netto, Aron Habte, and Venkat Krishnan. “Automated Construction of Clear-Sky Dictionary from All Sky Imager Data.” Solar Energy, 2020. [preprint]